What we do

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The District Councils’ Network (DCN) is a cross-party member led network of 166 councils. We are a Special Interest Group of the Local Government Association (LGA), and provide a single voice for district councils within the Local Government Association.

The DCN strives to support our priorities of better
lives and stronger economies. We do this through:

  • Collaboration and Networking
  • Influencing national policy
  • Commissioning evidence based research and developing new ways of working with our member organisations and partners
  • Using our connections to our communities to give real-life, real-time perspectives

Our work plans focus on four areas: Better Lives, Stronger Economies, Enhancing Quality
of Life, and Sustainable Finance and Workforce.

Stronger Economies

Districts are integral to the UK’s future prosperity as the Planning, Housing and Growth Authorities, growing the national economy, one local economy at a time.

Enhancing quality of life

Districts play a crucial role as local leaders who are on the side of residents. Our priorities are shaped by our understanding of and engagement with local communities.

Sustainable Finance & Workforce

Districts must work within a financial framework that incentivises and rewards local growth, whilst supporting those areas in greatest need.

Devolution & public service reform

Devolution and public sector reform means putting districts at the heart of devolution and the transformation of public service delivery, delivering those services that matter to residents the most.

Better Lives

Districts ensure that no one gets left behind by tackling the complex needs of today whilst preventing the social challenges of tomorrow. We act at a scale where it is possible to solve problems rather than simply manage caseloads.

Staff Development Programme

The Staff Development Programme is a 12 month scheme for young talented district council officers run by the District Councils’ Network. It is based on a ‘cohort’ model, for 50-60 participants.