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District Councils’ Network responds to Kerslake Commission report on rough sleeping

Responding to the Kerslake Commission report on ending rough sleeping, Cllr Phil King, District Councils’ Network spokesperson for Better Lives, said:

“District councils have been on the frontline responding to the coronavirus crisis and have worked tirelessly as part of a national effort to protect 37,000 rough sleepers from the virus and get them off the streets.

“We have previously warned of the risks in unravelling too fast the unprecedented levels of support the Government rightly provided to protect families at risk of hardship and homelessness.

“Nearly 90 per cent of districts expect sharp increases in homelessness as a result of some of the emergency measures being withdrawn.

“This is why districts as the Local Housing Authority need to be equipped by the Government with the funding and flexibility to solve problems before they grow in impact and cost, such as people becoming homeless or returning to sleeping rough.

“Districts are able and willing to tackle the root causes of homelessness and provide a preventative safety net, through key tools such as Discretionary Housing Payments”