DCN responds to consultation on Changes to the Current Planning System

In our response we highlight our concerns that local authorities will be expected in the short-term to implement a range of changes as a result of the proposals set out in the Government’s Changes to the Current Planning System consultation, but with further wide-ranging changes proposed in the Planning for the Future White Paper on the horizon. We call for certainty and stability to allow plans to progress and developers to build. We ask that clarity is given to local authorities to allow them to plan for, and respond to, these reforms. We wish to work with government to identify and find solutions to the elements of the current planning system where there is room for improvement, to ensure the current planning system is efficient and effective.

We’d love to hear your views on Planning for the Future – share your submission with us, or tell us about your concerns or suggestions, by dropping us a line at dcn@local.gov.uk

Read our submission here: Changes to the Current System v1.0 Final