Sustainable Finance and Workforce

Districts must work within a financial framework that incentivises and rewards local growth, whilst supporting those areas in greatest need.

The project group

Cllr Lead- Cllr Sharon Taylor

Supporting Members – Cllr Matthew Lee, Cllr David Neighbour

Chief Executive leads: Graham Soulsby, Ian Miller, Sally Marshall for further information

Our workplan priorities include:

  • Lobbying government with the aim that no district council is worse off than under the current funding arrangements and that additional funding is needed reflecting that district councils have seen the biggest cuts in spending power for the last two years.
  • Continuing to call for greater flexibilities and financial freedoms to allow districts to build more homes including: lifting of HRA Cap, additional borrowing capacity for non-stock holding authorities, 100% retention of right to buy receipts and ability to set discounts for right to buy locally.
  • Aiming to achieve a solution for district councils that is better than the current negaative RSG situation
  • Calling for the New Homes Bonus baseline of 0.4% to be removed in the 2019/20 settlement