Enhancing quality of life

Districts play a crucial role as local leaders who are on the side of residents. Our priorities are shaped by our understanding of and engagement with local communities. Districts protect and enhance quality of life by safeguarding our environment, promoting public health and leisure and creating attractive places to live, work and raise families.


The project group

Cllr Lead – Cllr Isobel Darby

Supporting Members: Cllr Alyson Barnes, Cllr Peter Fleming

Chief Executive Leads –Yvonne Rees, Stuart Brown, Janet Waggott, Marshall Scott

ContactDCN@local.gov.uk for further information

Our workplan priorities include:

  • Continuing to build evidence and lobby government to allow districts to raise a prevention precept
  • Seeking to influence and respond to the social care green paper to ensure the district role in reducing the burden on adult social care is fully recognised by the Government
  • Building strong relationships with sector partners, including Public Health England and the NHS
  • Continuing to promote the district role in place-based health and wellbeing; showcasing examples of community leadership, effective partnership working, innovative and sustainable provision of leisure facilities, maintaining high quality green spaces and supporting local cultural activities.
  • Continuing to promote and encourage bids to relevant funding streams, including Sport England
  • Promoting the work of the Healthy Towns and Villages Network

Watch the video below on the district role in healthy place shaping and a DCN and NHS showcase of collaborative working