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Districts ensure that no one gets left behind by tackling the complex needs of today whilst preventing the social challenges of tomorrow. We act at a scale where it is possible to solve problems rather than simply manage caseloads.

The project group

The workstreams are currently undergoing a refresh, and an update on new workstream members will be posted shortly.
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Our workplan priorities include:

  • Ensuring funding for the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) continues to be delivered directly to district councils
  • Continuing to influence government to ensure the funding for short term supported housing is not passported and is delivered directly to districts
  • Demonstrating how districts are key to preventing and reducing the instances of homelessness and rough sleeping and ensure our best practice examples inform policy development.
  • Ensuring that the new burdens introduced with the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA) are properly funded by government for both short and long term
  • Supporting members implementing the HRA by sharing best practice and encouraging government to promote examples and learning from “trail blazer authorities”.
  • Support our members to ensure residents are living in homes free from hazards and landlords are complying with the required minimum standards of housing.


‘Ban on no-fault evictions could ease homelessness’

The District Councils’ Network has welcomed the Government’s announcement that it is to proceed with the Renters’ Reform Bill. DCN member councils have long called for the ban on section 21 ‘no-fault’ evictions because we believe everyone should feel secure...
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District Bulletin: Our departing members’ legacy will live on

In this District Councils’ Network email: SAM CHAPMAN-ALLEN: Our departing members’ legacy will live on MUST READS: Our round-up of media and policy highlights for district councils LAWRENCE CONWAY: South Lakeland will be missed NOTICEBOARD: Essential diary dates and opportunities...
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‘Unworkable madness’​: DCN concerns about waste reform spark media interest

'Unworkable madness'​: DCN concerns about waste reform spark media interest DCN concerns over the possible imposition of strict restrictions on how councils collect and process waste have attracted significant media interest. We have expressed fears over how the possible standardisation...
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North Kesteven: Health and wellbeing Third Sector Grant

The project The council has set up a grant in partnership with the Lincolnshire Community Foundation.  It is aimed at securing sustainable health and wellbeing interventions across the district. The approach both improves health and wellbeing outcomes and prevents greater...
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North Kesteven: Climate Emergency Action Plan

The project The council has developed a reactive and evolving Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP), which it is reviewing quarterly and refreshing every financial year, to better reflect new opportunities, technologies or changes in circumstances. This ensures that it best...
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