Consultation Responses

DCN responds to Defra proposals for consistency in household and business recycling

The DCN believes that local councils and communities- from our city centres to our rural hamlets, and everyone in between- should continue to be able to decide how they want their waste collected; in a way that ensures sustainability.

We do not agree that a universal, standardised system will be successful across the country. We also have serious concerns about the focus of proposals, centred around tonnage-based recycling targets rather than waste minimisation. The Resources and Waste Strategy should give precedence to the reduction and reuse of waste to create a truly sustainable circular economy.

Evidence provided by our members also raises concerns on the benefits of a proposed comprehensive free garden waste service, the feasibility of implementation given the infrastructure changes needed, and the estimation and equitability of the funding required. We’re therefore calling on Defra to reconsider some of these proposals to make them viable.

Read our full response here: DCN Response – Consistency in Household and Business Recycling in England