Health and wellbeing

  • District Councils’ spend more the £2.2bn a year on helping residents remain independent in their own homes for longer.
  • Every £1 spent by a district council adapting 100,000 homes where a serious fall is likely to otherwise occur could save the NHS £69.37 over 10 years
  • By May 2015 district councils had helped turn round the lives of 17,501 families through the Troubled Families Programme. Every £1 invested in the Troubled Families programme has returned £2.
  • Last year district councils prevented or relieved 67,358 homelessness cases (31% of the England total).
  • In 2015 we recycled 42.4% of household waste
  • Every £1 spent by Districts improving 100,000 homes where residents are otherwise likely to require treatment due to issues of excess cold could save the NHS £34.19 over 10 years.
  • Every £1 invested in innovative district council reduced-cost schemes and free access to leisure services generates up to £23 in value.

District Councils- Our Key Focus

We will continue to support and drive the integration of health and social care to deliver better outcomes for our residents by championing a locality- based approach and through the delivery of our preventative services.

We will continue to provide leisure facilities, high quality green spaces and parks, and local cultural activities.

We will continue to provide a range of environmental health services including tackling pollution, food safety inspections, pest control and emergency planning.

We will continue to strengthen the capacity and ability of the voluntary and community sector to deliver community services that are right for their place; as well as working with the police to build safe communities.

We will continue to collect household waste and recycling, to play our part and contribute to the UK’s environmental credentials and targets.

We will continue to ensure the private rented housing sector provides safe, secure and energy efficient housing for tenants.

We will continue to use our local knowledge to reduce the instances of homelessness, and offer alternatives through work, reducing dependency on the welfare state.

The project group

Members – Cllr Chris Saint and Cllr Miriam Lewis

Lead Chief Executives – Charles Lant and Paul Shevlin

Policy Officer –  Rob Lamond for further information