Economic growth and planning

  • Working age employment in district council areas is 3% higher than the national average.
  • District areas hosted 37% of all apprenticeships nationally
  • District councils approve 90% planning applications compared to 70%   in London boroughs.
  • District councils determine planning decisions quicker than London boroughs and Unitary Authorities.
  • In 2014/15, 40% of housing completed within districts was affordable housing.
  • For every £1 district councils spend on housebuilding, at least £1.40 is generated in gross output.
  • Between 2009 and 2013, non-metropolitan areas created more jobs than London or metropolitan areas.
  • 85% of Districts are involved with Local Enterprise Partnerships to establish economic priorities and decisions
  • 37% of City Deals involve district councils delivering of over 64,000 new homes and over 177,000 new jobs
  • In 2014/15 district councils granted permissions for nearly 79,000 homes (42% of national total)
  • 97% of Districts work with businesses in their area, 92% are investing in regenerating town centres, 87% invest in infrastructure and 82% work to encourage inward investment.

District Councils- localities for growth

District council areas are one of the main enablers of housing growth in England. We will enable more of the right kind of homes to be built in the places that need them,

We will champion the development of suitable Local Plans for each of our members’ constituent parts, working together as clusters of authorities within a functional economic area that complements the existing infrastructure of business and industry sectors.
We will deliver and increase economic prosperity by securing jobs, enabling expansion, attracting inward investment and tackling unemployment.

We will work with Government, our public sector partners, and business leaders to take a place-based approach to developing localised skills and employment services that drive economic growth.

The project group

Members – Cllr Andrew Bowles (Growth) and Cllr Gillian Brown (Planning)

Lead Chief Executives – Lawrence Conway (Growth) Daryl Phillips (Planning)

Officer – Chris Inwood (Growth) Keith Dawson (Planning) for further information