Chief Executives’ Network

The Chief Executives Network is made up of district council chief executives from across the country. They work to promote the district council’s role in delivering services to local people, lobby on behalf of all district councils providing a clear and to provide consistent voice about issues that really matter.

The network has identified two key areas to focus its work on over the next year.

Funding – working to ensure that district councils receive a fair allocation of funding and that new services and requirements are adequately funded.

Strategy – ensure that the strategic role played by districts is recognised by government and other agencies.

Further information on these objectives and the work that is being delivered to take these forward will be reported through the network, and the website will be regularly updated with key information and ways that district councils can get involved in delivering these objectives.

Our Chair and Vice Chairs were appointed at the annual Chief Executives Networking Event meeting at the Local Government House on June 13 2013:

Chair - David Buckle from South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Council’s. Find out more about David.

Vice Chair – David Cook from Kettering Borough Council. Find out more about David.

Vice Chair – Sandra Dinneen from South Norfolk District Council. Find out more about Sandra.

Secretary - Steve Atkinson from Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council. Find out more about Steve.